Finding Another Huế: Interview and Photography with Hiếu Trương

Another hue vietnam monks photography

Hiếu Trương is an easy-to-recognise figure on the streets of Huế. Baseball cap, a long frizzy goatee and some form of camera either in hand or hanging from his neck at any given hour. Soft-spoken, each word weighed carefully. Always accommodating. As a local freelance photography practitioner, too modest to call himself a photographer, Hiếu’s […]

Interview: Nguyen Minh Ngoc – LGBTQI+, Globalisation, Studying Abroad.


On returning to Hue for research between semesters, I spoke to long-time friend Nguyen Minh Ngoc who is nearing the end of her masters in Europe. We got around to talking about her thoughts on her scholarship, internet communities and the things that made her the person she is today. Give me the lowdown on […]

Dharma Hip Hop: Listen to the new Buddhist hip-hop album by LT Midside

Many years ago, Wu Tang Clan and NWA brought eastern thought to a hip hop audience but seldom are the spheres of hip-hop brought into eastern thought. LT2564 , the most recent album of Hue MC LT Midside, is the perfect amalgamation of rap and spirituality. Instead of community-focussed lyrics or street hustling anecdotes for […]

Hue by Foot: Interview with Hue Walking Guide Author Philip Thomas

Walking Hue Guide

After living and working in Hue, Australian national Philip Thomas published an open access Hue walking guide on social media. The document shares a personal yet humble perspective on the joys of exploring Hue by foot. We asked Philip some questions to find out more about his time on Hue, what he loved about the […]

Interview with a Maestro: Hue Abstract Artist Truong Be (1942-2020)

truong be portrait

The motorbike chugged along Tran Van Ki street. A blip in numbering left me looking for anything that gave away the house of the artist Mr. Truong Be. We pulled up outside an open gate, not convinced it was the right location. The bike’s faulty horn obtrusively announced our arrival. Our doubts were quelled by […]

Thank You Eve: Dang Mau Tuu’s Ode to Hue Women in Exhibition

vietnamese instruments women

Artist Dang Mau Tuu has been working over the past four years on his most recent collection of paintings and they will be exhibited at the Le Ba Dang Arts Foundation in Hue (4th-15th March 2020).  The exhibition consists of 36 paintings of oil and silk; a tribute to the artist’s expression of the female […]

Interview: Naomi Runs Hanoi to Saigon for Local Charities

Charity run in Vietnam

Nam Runs Nam is Naomi Skinner’s personal challenge to jog the distance between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (approximately 2200km, that’s 52 marathons!) in order to raise money for five charities operating in Vietnam. Hue Grit Tour interviewed her just as she arrived in Hue and took a well-earnt few days’ break. Naomi was […]

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