Finding Another Huế: Interview and Photography with Hiếu Trương

Another hue vietnam monks photography

Hiếu Trương is an easy-to-recognise figure on the streets of Huế. Baseball cap, a long frizzy goatee and some form of camera either in hand or hanging from his neck at any given hour. Soft-spoken, each word weighed carefully. Always accommodating. As a local freelance photography practitioner, too modest to call himself a photographer, Hiếu’s […]

1919 Hue: Photos of the Imperial City Under the Nguyen Dynasty

A rare collection of photographs made their way online this month detailing streetview scenes of Hue in 1919. The 100+ year old photos document life around the Citadel and the communities of the former imperial capital. At this point, the penultimate emperor of Nguyen Dynasty, Khai Dinh was in his second year of reign. Khai […]

Hue of the Past: Photos of the Imperial City in the 1960s

truong tien bridge

Flickr user Manhhai has an impressive photo collection of Hue built on images taken by US soldiers during the 1960s.   The photos give a better idea of day to day Hue life through the visitors gaze. Scenes of day to day life along the Huong river, the city’s southside as well as from within […]