THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN HUE: THE GUIDE TO KIM PHUNG Kim Phụng – The highest mountain in Hue. Photo: Minh Trình    No map. 2-km off-road ride. Steep slope. Hiking Kim Phung –  the highest mountain in Hue can offer you fabulous adventure-travel experiences if you want to escape urban monotony.  Very few people have […]

Hue by Foot: Interview with Hue Walking Guide Author Philip Thomas

Walking Hue Guide

After living and working in Hue, Australian national Philip Thomas published an open access Hue walking guide on social media. The document shares a personal yet humble perspective on the joys of exploring Hue by foot. We asked Philip some questions to find out more about his time on Hue, what he loved about the […]

Walking Hue: A Walker’s Guide to Hue!

Hue Walking Guide

After two stints working in Hue, walking enthusiast Philip Thomas left with a departing gift for the city that brought him so much joy – an open-access walking guide detailing a handful of the lesser-observed gems in and around the city. Unlike some of the crash grab publications available for autonomous travellers, the Walking Hue […]

Khai Dinh Tomb: The Hue Emperor with a Taste for the Occident

Guards at Khai Dinh Tomb

Hue’s reputation as the cultural capital of Vietnam is largely attributed to the Nguyen Dynasty who ruled the country from 1802-1945. The legacy of Vietnam’s last family of emperors is somewhat controversial due to various levels of hypocrisy and poor leadership through their 13 monarchs. One key event which changed the future of Vietnam was […]

People Watching in Vietnam and Some of Hue’s best spots

People Watching One of the reasons I love living in Vietnam is that it’s a country buzzing with activity. Some countries you have to hunt for the action but in Vietnam the action comes to you. It’s right on your doorstep. Nothing makes me more excited to leave my house than the unpredictable environment of the […]

Beach of Hue: Thuan An Fishing Town. The Allure of the Sea

tan an thuan an homestay

Thuan An Beach for 2019 Thuan An is Hue’s closest beach. Around 15KM from the city centre, it isn’t as tourist-convenient as the beaches that serve Hoi An or Danang but it’s charm and the variety on offer makes it a worthy day trip. Thuan An is a small fishing village with a population of […]

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