Bia Quốc Học: 100 Years of the Huế Stele

quoc hoc hue stelae

October 2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Huế Monument for the Dead. The structure, now more commonly referred to as Bia Quốc Học, is one of many locations that define the city’s aesthetics. Yet, many residents and visitors aren’t familiar with its historical significance. The Origins of the Quoc Hoc Stele The purpose of […]

Quoc Hoc Hue: One of Vietnam’s Oldest Schools as Cultural Heritage Landmark

quoc hoc sign

Quốc Học Huế high school is one of the most revered academic institutions in Vietnam. While its high-achieving students and tough entrance exams are what it is most commonly known for, Quốc Học Huế is also one of the country’s oldest surviving schools and a cultural heritage relic.  Walking the tree-lined pathways, Quốc Học Huế […]

Miếu Âm Hồn and the 1885 Fall of Hue

On the 23rd day of the lunar calendar’s 5th month, ceremonies take place every year around Hue to commemorate what residents refer to as the fall of the city in 1885. The date marks an event when around 1200 died during the early stages of French colonial rule. Most died while attempting to flee the […]

Nổ Cái Bùm: Independent Hue Art Festival Week July 2020

No Cai Bum

Nổ Cái Bùm Art Festival will be held from 4th July to 9th July 2020, taking place in a range of art spaces throughout Hue City in Central Vietnam. It is possibly the biggest arts event held in the former imperial capital. Over 50 artists from across Vietnam will contribute to the independent festival with […]

Say Goodbye to Hue’s Famous Abandoned Water Park

Adventurous backpackers and tourists of the past may remember coming across one of Vietnam’s quirkier locations, Hue’s Abandoned Water park. A chain of failed development projects left behind a towering gothic dragon, a desolate crescent-shaped stadium stand and a few broken water slides leading into mouldy water. The Rise and Fall of the Hue Abandoned […]

Hue by Foot: Interview with Hue Walking Guide Author Philip Thomas

Walking Hue Guide

After living and working in Hue, Australian national Philip Thomas published an open access Hue walking guide on social media. The document shares a personal yet humble perspective on the joys of exploring Hue by foot. We asked Philip some questions to find out more about his time on Hue, what he loved about the […]

Digital Tourism: Travel Hue and Other World Heritage Sites with CyArk

digital tourism

With the world at a stop and tourism on indefinite hiatus, life has taken one step further into a sci-fi novel as we increasingly find ourselves dependent on the internet. Video calls for work and social meetings, ‘how to’ guides on youtube and online grocery shopping. But why stop there? It’s time to travel online! […]

Thank You Eve: Dang Mau Tuu’s Ode to Hue Women in Exhibition

vietnamese instruments women

Artist Dang Mau Tuu has been working over the past four years on his most recent collection of paintings and they will be exhibited at the Le Ba Dang Arts Foundation in Hue (4th-15th March 2020).  The exhibition consists of 36 paintings of oil and silk; a tribute to the artist’s expression of the female […]

Khai Dinh Tomb: The Hue Emperor with a Taste for the Occident

Guards at Khai Dinh Tomb

Hue’s reputation as the cultural capital of Vietnam is largely attributed to the Nguyen Dynasty who ruled the country from 1802-1945. The legacy of Vietnam’s last family of emperors is somewhat controversial due to various levels of hypocrisy and poor leadership through their 13 monarchs. One key event which changed the future of Vietnam was […]

Tyranny / Torture: Secret Prison and Abandoned Mansion of Ngo Dinh Can

Ngo Dinh Can buddhist crisis dark tourism vietnam

Hue isn’t short of dark tourism hotspots. 13 emperors, the violent French assault on the Citadel and subsequent colonial rule, the Buddhist crisis, the Tet Offensive and a couple of natural disasters provide an endless, yet largely unvisited, amount of locations for people looking for quirky places. None can tick so many boxes on the […]

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