Hue Festival 2018: Five Events you Shouldn’t Miss

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Hue Festival is back for 2018!

The unmissable biennial event will take place between Friday 27th April to Wednesday 2nd May. The Hue Festival includes cultural and contemporary performances from both Vietnam and around the world.
We’ve gone through the Hue Festival schedule and chosen 5 events that are not to be missed!*schedule is still being updated so these events may change time and venue. Check before visiting on the day!

1. Chầu Văn National Competition: Hypnotic Spiritual Singing

April 26-April 29
the Provincial Culture & Information Center.
Chau Van is a secular form of singing and dance that originates from 16th century Northern Vietnam. The folk art’s purpose was to provide a channel for deities to communicate to the living. The music of Chau Van consists of complicated rhythm structures, traditional Vietnamese instruments and talented singers who are delicate in their vocal delivery and body movement.
The competition at Hue Festival will see performances from around the country demonstrating regional variations of Chau Van.  The finale on the 29th April will be unmissable as contestants give everything for the competition prize.

2. The tasting of 100 dishes of Hue and Vietnamese cuisine

Apr 28 – May 2
Ministry of Interior – Imperial City
(Exact location to be determined)
There are a lot of food events happening around the Hue Festival; the extravagant Royal Banquet, The International Cuisine Fair and the Vegetarian Cuisine Court but the tasting of 100 Vietnamese Dishes sounds too good to pass up. Anyone who has travelled around Vietnam will know that food and specialties differ greatly according each region. This event will save you the miles and have your tastebuds scaling the country within a couple of square metres.

3. Trinh Cong Son’s music concert: Remembering the Legendary Songwriter

April 28
Phu Van Lau Park

Often referred to as the Bob Dylan of Vietnam, Trinh Cong Son became a national treasure with his songs of love and messages for peace during the Vietnamese-American war. He spent a large proportion of his adolescent life in Hue and is regularly celebrated nationwide. Despite his death in 2001, his music continues to inspire people of all generations and backgrounds. This music concert consists of a variety of well-known performers giving renditions of some of his best songs.

4. Thuan An Beach: ”Allure of the Sea’ Festival

April 29- May 2
Thuan An Beach
Opening ceremony at 20:00 April 29
Thuan An beach is often overlooked by tourists in Vietnam as beaches in Danang and Hoi An are preferred for a break by the sea. Although not as westernized as it’s southern neighbours, Thuan An beach provides a better insight to the fishing communities that inhabit the areas.
As part of Hue Festival, there will be a 4-day celebration at Thuan An beach. As well as a community-held fair and market, there will be competitions such as an open beach football tournament, boat racing and kite flying held along the beach. Of course, there will be countless amounts of seafood-based cuisine as well as some beautiful sunsets.
Thuan An beach is around 17KM from the city centre and can be reached by taxi or private bus. A trip to Thuan An beach during Hue Festival will provide a change from the city festivities. If you would like to spend a night in luxury by the beach, we recommend the boutique resort Villa Louise which includes private jacuzzis overlooking the sea.

5. Lysistrata: French Post-Rock Band

20:45-21:45 30th April
19:30-20:30 1st May
An Dinh Stage
Three-piece post-rock band hailing from France, Lysistrata will be bringing their songs to Hue Festival in two separate performances at the An Dinh Stage. Much like Maps & Atlases and Refused, Lysistrata’s live performances are dissonant, technically impressive and sweaty.  Local rock fans from near and far will be garunteed a performance worth watching twice!
Not feeling convinced? Check out the schedule at the official website for the 100’s of other events happening during Hue Festival and let us know what you’re excited to see this year.
Download the IOS Hue Festival App here.
Download the Android Hue Festival app here.

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