Quoc Hoc Hue: One of Vietnam’s Oldest Schools as Cultural Heritage Landmark

quoc hoc sign

Quốc Học Huế high school is one of the most revered academic institutions in Vietnam. While its high-achieving students and tough entrance exams are what it is most commonly known for, Quốc Học Huế is also one of the country’s oldest surviving schools and a cultural heritage relic.  Walking the tree-lined pathways, Quốc Học Huế […]

Miếu Âm Hồn and the 1885 Fall of Hue

On the 23rd day of the lunar calendar’s 5th month, ceremonies take place every year around Hue to commemorate what residents refer to as the fall of the city in 1885. The date marks an event when around 1200 died during the early stages of French colonial rule. Most died while attempting to flee the […]

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