Dharma Hip Hop: Listen to the new Buddhist hip-hop album by LT Midside

Many years ago, Wu Tang Clan and NWA brought eastern thought to a hip hop audience but seldom are the spheres of hip-hop brought into eastern thought. LT2564 , the most recent album of Hue MC LT Midside, is the perfect amalgamation of rap and spirituality. Instead of community-focussed lyrics or street hustling anecdotes for […]

Drink in Hue: Nightlife Guide to Pubs, Bars and Clubs

cocktail in hue

While Hue’s nightlife doesn’t compete with the big boys of South East Asia, it certainly isn’t short of options. The best bars in Hue are tucked around the city. Hue at night contains a charm very few others do. I recommend you don’t stick around the tourist area and push on through to some of […]