Event: An Inside Out Dialogue – Art and Music Show at Be Café

The crest of autumn 2020 observes the opening night and first exhibition of Hue’s newest arts space, Be Cafe. The exhibition, titled ‘an Inside Out Dialogue’, aims to promote awareness around gender and gender equality through the mediums of art and music. ‘an Inside Out Dialogue’ includes the works of Huế artists Lê Thị Linh […]

Nổ Cái Bùm: Independent Hue Art Festival Week July 2020

No Cai Bum

Nổ Cái Bùm Art Festival will be held from 4th July to 9th July 2020, taking place in a range of art spaces throughout Hue City in Central Vietnam. It is possibly the biggest arts event held in the former imperial capital. Over 50 artists from across Vietnam will contribute to the independent festival with […]

Interview with a Maestro: Hue Abstract Artist Truong Be (1942-2020)

truong be portrait

The motorbike chugged along Tran Van Ki street. A blip in numbering left me looking for anything that gave away the house of the artist Mr. Truong Be. We pulled up outside an open gate, not convinced it was the right location. The bike’s faulty horn obtrusively announced our arrival. Our doubts were quelled by […]