Ho Thuy Tien: Hue’s Decaying Abandoned Waterpark

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An Abandoned Waterpark?

Ho Thuy Tien is Hue’s well-renowned abandoned waterpark. It’s fame comes in the growing number of  tourists who head there as an alternative sightseeing location. The abandoned waterpark’s  urban decay is a landscape perfect for a post-apocalyptic movies.

The History

Ho Thuy Tien was built over a three year process and opened in 2004. Due to a mismanagement of funds, the original developers sold the project to a Hanoian-based company. Despite finalizing the transaction, the new owners didn’t continue to invest further. Eventually the local government reclaimed the land in hope of finding more ambitious developers. As for now, the abandoned waterpark’s remnants are left standing to the bemusement of visitors and the region’s seasonal elements.

The Remaining Features

The remaining sections of the abandoned waterpark are scattered around Ho Thuy Tien. As you approach the lake, you’ll notice the a rusting dragon poking it’s head above the surrounding treescape.

If you arrive via the north entrance road, a concrete stand will greet you at the river’s opposite side. Like most structures at the abandoned waterpark, it’s concrete is inundated with graffiti. Cushioned seats are mostly ripped from their bindings and scattered across the pavement. The stand faces a shallow moss-green pool of machinery that was intended for light and water performances.
As you snake down the edge of Ho Thuy Tien, you’ll eventually come to the iconic dragon that sits at the lake’s end. Served by three bridges, the dragon is a multi-floor building which includes a stage and a panoramic view from inside its mouth!

Behind a thin row of trees on the lake’s westside are a slide and a chute that really bring definition to the abandoned waterpark. They are still slidable but prepare to end your ride in a mouldy green pool.
Since Ho Thuy Tien is completely unattended, the abandoned waterpark continues to attract a flow of visitors. Unfortunately, this means further disrepair and defacement of its structures.

These aren’t the only things to find at the abandoned waterpark. There’s also another large lake to be found nearby and a few small derelict buildings. We’ll leave them for you to find!

How to Get There

Ho Thuy Tien is easy to find online. It’s even marked as the abandoned waterpark on google maps. It is around 7 kilometres from the city centre and can be walked or driven to. The route takes you past good restaurants, the Nam Giao park and a string of pagodas. You could easily pad out an entire afternoon itinerary on this single trip.
There continues to be reports that security have been occasionally present to stop people visiting the abandoned waterpark . One solution to this has been to enter the park via it’s northern entrance on Thuy Tien road and keep discreet when wandering the park. If you feel the need for added intensity to your visit, go during the evening but be cautious and take a torch with you.

The Future of the Abandoned Waterpark

There’s a question mark looming over the future of Ho Thuy Tien. Local authorities are ambivalent towards it’s newfound popularity. The recent presence of security indicates that it’s accessibility is now more finite than ever. The park is definitely worth a visit. It is seldom seen that a structure is left abandoned in a country developing at breakneck speeds.


Video: Exploring the Abandoned Waterpark By Citizens of Everywhere



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